Morocco, year 2016

mar16atheris-025By the end of 2016, we decided to take a week for a new trip session in southwestern Morocco. The goal was, accompanied by our friend Abdou, to prospect hardly and maximize the chances of encountering species. Despite the advanced season and the short time available, we were able to observe some thirty species in total, including some rare or difficult to encounter species, such as Myriopholis algeriensis and above all two Egyptian Cobras Naja haje ! (more…)

Iran, land of mystery

iran204Iran is a small paradise for Reptiles lovers. Of course our main targeted species was the famous horned spider-tailed Pseudocerastes urarachnoides. This incredible snake uses the modified scales of its tail to imitate a spider (more or less) and it attracts birds and other insectivores. Described for the first time in 2006, this endemic species of Iran is distributed only in a small area on the Iraqi border. (more…)

Discovering Malaysia

malaisatheris-122The south-east of Asia shows a remarkable richness of fauna. This sector notably aggregates the greatest density of “glider” animals: squirrels, lizards, frogs, snakes,… It is especially to observe one of them, the “flying dragon” Draco volans that we went to Malaysia for two weeks.
This trip can be summarized as a succession of visits of remarkable sites, from north to south, and from west to east. The nocturnal or diurnal surveys allowed us remarkable discoveries: numerous tree vipers of the genus Trimeresurus, some enormous Reticulated Pythons, strange cecilians, or the different species of the genus Boiga. (more…)

Morocco, year 2015

2015, Cerastes, Maroc, Reptiles, Serpents, Trips, Viperidae

2015 was the year of our first meeting with Abdou, one of the best herpetologists in Morocco. The opportunity, over two weeks, of a great visit of the country and of meeting its rich fauna. Our plan was a departure from Marrakech to visit and cross the famous High Atlas, then heading south to the first dunes of the Sahara. A first absolutly incredible trip with lots of discoveries. In the end, six species of Amphibians, and more than forty species of Reptiles, especially the very rare Echis leucogaster! A first visit that will lead to more others ones, for sure! (more…)

Trip to French Guiana

guyanatheris-197This winter, we planned an herpetological trip to French Guiana, where we have some good friends. French Guiana is a perfect destination for prospecting in the Amazon rainforest.
The three weeks were dedicated to the visit of several remarkable sites, to the west, to the east, and to the center of the country. The surveys have allowed us to make many remarkable observations, for example the Emerald Tree Boa Corallus caninus or the two species of the genus Pipa… Finally more than 140 species! (more…)

Conference on our trip in Iran

iran204On Thursday, September 22, 2016 in Bègles, near Bordeaux, we gave a lecture presenting to the public our trip to Iran. The conference have been organized by Terre & Ocean. Here is the presentation:
Naturalist and photographer, Matthieu Berroneau is fan of nature trips, especially to observe the incredible diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles in the world. For many years, Iran was in his head. In this country there is a very special species of viper who attracts its prey with its tail looking like a small spider … Matthieu realized his dream this spring, with a trip of 15 days, rich in colors, adventures and discoveries. Come and listen to his story illustrated with the pictures and the movies made during the trip in this country at the crossroads of three continents.
It was a great success and it probably made the spectators want to visit this incredible country!