Ecuador 2019

It’s go again !
Atheris, still in its thirst for discovery, launched out this year to visit a mythical country in South America, Ecuador. A country rather small in size (compared to its neighbors of South America), but great due to its incredible biodiversity.
In two weeks of visit, we do not pretend to inventory all the herpetofauna of the country, obviously. The choice is even towards relatively limited trips: trip by mini-bus, only three separate sites, but judiciously chosen to observe a maximum of species!




Komodo – Borneo 2019

It was obviously a must for the association… The Komodo Islands are simply mythical for any reptile lover … Who did not grow up looking in the books or in front of the TV the incredible Komodo dragons?

Indonésie, Lézards, Reptiles, Rinca, Trips, Varanidae

So it’s gone for 15 days of pure naturalistic happiness, on the Komodo islands first, then on Borneo, home to no less