Who are we?

logoearth400ATHERIS is an association that improves knowledge about reptiles, amphibians, and more generally about biodiversity in the world. Guided by our friendship and the same passion, we explore the biodiversity in the world and valorize our observations through photographic reports, video clips and scientific papers. Thanks to the great meetins and friendships made during our previous trips, our team hopes to develop new links and collaborations with our counterparts all over the world! Looking forward to meeting you soon, do not hesitate to contact us!

Here is a brief presentation of the initiators of the project:
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Matthieu Berroneau, french herpetologist and photographer, passionate about small vertebrates, with a big weakness for snakes of all kinds. He is specialized in photographic work for ATHERIS. Maud Berroneau, french herpetologist, passionate about the fauna in general, with a certain tendency for the turtles. She is in charge of the communication part for ATHERIS. Laurent Barthe, french herpetologist, is also passionate about mammals of all kinds. He is in charge of video production for ATHERIS.





For the discovery of Reptiles and Biodiversity of the World