New project: back to French Guiana!

DSC04802That’s it, the next trip of Atheris is soon! Not a new destination because we return to the lands of French Guiana (although most members of the team have never been there before). The novelty here will be the addition of an educational dimension to the naturalist project. Indeed, the team has set up a biodiversity education and awareness project with the Maripasoula College, the largest municipality in France on the border with Suriname. (more…)

Next trip… Mexico!

Drapeau MexiqueAnd the next trip of Atheris will be … Mexico! Mexico is simply one of the countries with the greatest diversity of reptiles in the world. Realize, there are over 900 species of reptiles in Mexico … including 42 species of Crotales, incredible but true! See you soon, for a review of our herptrip on!

Morocco 2018


Here we are, for the fourth year in a row, visiting Morocco. This country is a paradise for reptile fans! As every year, our friend Abdou has joined us. We are accompanied by Dylan, Miguel, Marion and Jean, four members of the association, who we hope will not be disappointed with the trip! Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of knowledge in progress in this country (study of the distribution of species, genetic samples, etc). We spent a week exploring different types of habitats to produce presence data and rise our photo and video database. The research is also done in tanks, many in these arid areas, and where animals often fall. This is an opportunity to save these animals while making some unpublished observations.