New project: back to French Guiana!

DSC04802That’s it, the next trip of Atheris is soon! Not a new destination because we return to the lands of French Guiana (although most members of the team have never been there before). The novelty here will be the addition of an educational dimension to the naturalist project. Indeed, the team has set up a biodiversity education and awareness project with the Maripasoula College, the largest municipality in France on the border with Suriname. Takeoff is scheduled for January 18th! On the program: Bothrops, Lachesis muta (we cross our fingers!), Crotalus durissus, but also dendrobates, caimans, giant otters, rock cocks, amblypyges and other curiosities of the Amazon rainforest! Not to mention a launch of the rocket Ariane 5 (we cross our fingers again!), the convicts, excursions in canoes and ti punch … So very quickly, on the Facebook of the association to follow us in this new adventure.


Read the trip report of our first trip here!

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