Discovering Malaysia

malaisatheris-122The south-east of Asia shows a remarkable richness of fauna. This sector notably aggregates the greatest density of “glider” animals: squirrels, lizards, frogs, snakes,… It is especially to observe one of them, the “flying dragon” Draco volans that we went to Malaysia for two weeks.
This trip can be summarized as a succession of visits of remarkable sites, from north to south, and from west to east. The nocturnal or diurnal surveys allowed us remarkable discoveries: numerous tree vipers of the genus Trimeresurus, some enormous Reticulated Pythons, strange cecilians, or the different species of the genus Boiga.
Despite a particularly dry weather, more than sixty species were inventoried, including 40 species of Reptiles!


Ahaetulla prasina
Amphiesma inas
Asthenodipsas lasgalenensis
Boiga cynodon
Boiga dendrophila
Boiga drapezii
Broncholea cristetela
Calliophis intestinalis
Calloselasma rhodostoma
Calotes emma
Calotes versicolor
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus
Dendralaphis caudolineatus
Dendralaphis pictus
Dogania subplana
Draco volans
Driocalamus subannulatus
Emioa acrocostata
Eutropis multifasciata
Gecko monarchus
Gerarda prevostiana
Hemidatylus frenatus
Hemiphyllodactylus sp.
Hemydactylus frenatus
Leiolepis belliana
Lycodon butleri
Lygosoma bowringii
Lygosoma quadrupes
Macrocalamus charnadi
Malayopython reticulatus
Pareas margaritophorus
Popeia fucata
Popeia nebularis
Pseudorabdion longiceps
Ptyas korros
Varanus balagensis
Varanus salvator
Xenopeltis unicolor

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