Trip to French Guiana

guyanatheris-197This winter, we planned an herpetological trip to French Guiana, where we have some good friends. French Guiana is a perfect destination for prospecting in the Amazon rainforest.
The three weeks were dedicated to the visit of several remarkable sites, to the west, to the east, and to the center of the country. The surveys have allowed us to make many remarkable observations, for example the Emerald Tree Boa Corallus caninus or the two species of the genus Pipa… Finally more than 140 species! (more…)

Costa Rica, Pura Vida

Costa Rica, Dipsadidae, Imantodes, Reptiles, Serpents, Trips

Costa Rica is a hot spot of biodiversity, rich of a wide variety of species, especially for Amphibians and Reptiles. A visit of the country in January 2012, over a period of three weeks, gave us a superb overview.
This naturalistic trip began with the visit of the northeastern part of the country, relatively dry and showing a specific herpetofauna. It continued on the east coast, heading south, until reaching the famous Corcovado. (more…)