Next trip: Costa Rica!

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The next trip of Atheris organization is a “back to the source” for some of us. Ten years later, we are back in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is probably the most visited Central American country for naturalist travel. It’s normal: the biodiversity in fauna and flora is simply exceptional, and the environment is largely preserved there. We hope to meet many people there … See you in November for the report!

Video presentation of the Sahara Sand Viper Cerastes vipera

Atheris’s last trip in Morocco allowed the observation of one of the most remarkable species of the country: the Sahara Sand Viper Cerastes vipera. This species is strictly restricted in sandy environments. It is perfectly adapted for life in the sand, as suggested by the position of its eyes, oriented at the top of the head. Here is a short video which present the species. (more…)

New paper by Atheris: case of sympatry between Pseudocerastes persicus and Pseudocerastes urarachnoides!

Pseudocerastes urarachnoides and Pseudocerastes persicusPseudocerastes persicus and Pseudocerastes urarachnoides are two of the three species of the genus Pseudocerastes which occur in Iran. Our naturalist trip allowed us to observe, on the same place and during the same day, these two species. A wonderful example of sympatry!

This observation is the subject of a paper published in the journal Herpetology Notes. Do not hesitate to read the article!

Reference: Bobby Bok, Matthieu Berroneau, Masoud Yousefi, Joachim Nerz, Frank Deschandol, Maud Berroneau, Laura Tiemann 2017 – Sympatry of Pseudocerastes Persicus and P. urarachnoides in the western Zagros Mountains, Iran – Herpetology Notes, Vol. 10: 323-325.

Photo: Pseudocerastes urarachnoides and Pseudocerastes persicus, Matthieu Berroneau.

Conference on our trip in Iran

iran204On Thursday, September 22, 2016 in Bègles, near Bordeaux, we gave a lecture presenting to the public our trip to Iran. The conference have been organized by Terre & Ocean. Here is the presentation:
Naturalist and photographer, Matthieu Berroneau is fan of nature trips, especially to observe the incredible diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles in the world. For many years, Iran was in his head. In this country there is a very special species of viper who attracts its prey with its tail looking like a small spider … Matthieu realized his dream this spring, with a trip of 15 days, rich in colors, adventures and discoveries. Come and listen to his story illustrated with the pictures and the movies made during the trip in this country at the crossroads of three continents.
It was a great success and it probably made the spectators want to visit this incredible country!